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Delany Law is privileged to be able to serve our clients across an expansive range of practice areas throughout the region. Our comprehensive practice and geographic coverage permits us to meet virtually any legal need of our clients in the Caribbean providing them added convenience and satisfaction.

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Banking and Finance

Delany & Associates

It is necessary that banks and other financial institutions have experienced, service-oriented and proficient legal counsel to succeed in the Caribbean and international markets. Clients require this specialized skill set in order to overcome this challenging and complex industry to safeguard interests on the front and back end of all transactions. Our clients choose Delany Law as it is one of the region’s pre-eminent banking and financial services practices. We possess a comprehensive geographic footprint providing representation throughout most of the English speaking Caribbean. This unique feature affords clients both convenience and continuity when transacting in the Caribbean.

Delany Law regularly counsels the full range of domestic and foreign banks, trust companies, other financial institutions and borrowers throughout the region in a variety of matters including commercial and retail lending, international banking, mergers and acquisitions, regulatory, products and services and bankruptcy and insolvency. The firm boasts an impressive list of industry participants. Given this wealth of experience, comprehension of the industry and expansive range, our attorneys formulate effective solutions to address the needs of our clients and to secure their interests.



Delany Law assists clients in the building, development, management and financing of projects.  The firm is equipped to serve the needs of all industry participants.  Our attorneys are able to facilitate projects from initial conception and project handover to planning at the front end through their completion, and from the negotiation of contracts and preparation of bids to the resolution of construction disputes.  We have dealt with most standard form contract forms.

Our work has comprised a wide range of projects, from private homes, residential developments, resorts, mixed use projects, industrial facilities and infrastructure projects.  We have experience in the typical issues involved in construction disputes including defects, design, delay, disruption and prolongation, ground conditions, certification, payment, performance bonds, guarantees, letters of credit and other forms of security.

The firm is able to provide advice concerning environmental, health and safety, insurance, procurement and regulatory issues.  We are also available to assist with funding and partnering agreements that develop around large scale projects.

Corporate and Commercial

Corporate & Commercial

The practice of commercial and corporate law requires experience across an array of industries, businesses and governmental organizations suitable to the needs of each individual client.  Our attorneys draw on this extensive exposure and experience in all dimensions of commercial and corporate representations to supply vital business perspectives as well as efficient, pragmatic legal solutions.  We focus on the business objectives of our clients notwithstanding the ever changing business environment.  On an international scale, we stay abreast of evolving laws, regulatory issues and trends.

The firm counsels clients in the full range of sophisticated financial transactions, daily business activities and regulatory matters.  Our strengths span commercial and corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, financing, domestic and cross border transactions and corporate governance matters.  We are also versed in asset protection and wealth management with an emphasis on structures, taxation, trusts and the like. Our ability to meet the needs and objectives of our clients is accomplished through this broad range of practice areas and experience gained by our attorneys in the handling of complex domestic and cross border legal matters utilizing a practical, business oriented approach and an ability to identify innovative solutions to complex problems.



The global energy sector is evolving at a rapid pace.  The current energy market remains progressive due to the continued growth in the demand for fossils fuels compounded by the decrease in energy resources and the advancements and discovery of renewable energy sources.  In light of decreasing oil reserves and increasing concern regarding carbon emissions, energy companies are focusing on energy efficiency and clean energy supply options.  The result of this increased demand is a broadened search for new hydrocarbon reserves and increased production as well as significant investment and research in green technologies.

It is necessary for our clients to keep track of the developing market and trends in order that they are able to implement strategies to recognize opportunities and to succeed in the modern energy market.  The firm’s diversified energy practice enables us to advise energy companies, utilities, project developers, investors and other industry stakeholders in numerous areas.  We understand the significance of tailoring strategies to meet the individualized needs of our clients while accommodating existing and forthcoming regulation, technology and infrastructure.  The firm is familiar with the various types of service and management contracts, operation and management agreements, licenses, leases and like arrangements and advise on all stages of a project from site identification, permitting, environmental issues and regulatory matters to development and finance to project sales.

Insurance and Reinsurance

Insurance & Reinsurance

Delany Law attorneys understand the insurance industry and use this knowledge to provide coverage, financial, transactional and regulatory advice to insurance companies and those who transact with them.  We have experience with both domestic and international insurance and reinsurance transactions and provide tailored legal services designed to meet the varied needs of our clients.

We represent insurance companies in the evaluation and defence of coverage issues under numerous types of policies.  We are often appointed by insurers to represent their insureds through subrogation in claims stemming from various types of insurance disputes.  Delany Law advises on reinsurance contracts, is involved in personal injury claim resolution and debt recoveries through non-contentious means and litigation.  Our attorneys are also available to counsel clients on risk management techniques including the various types of captive insurance companies.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Due to evolving uniformity and enforcement of intellectual properties laws, companies have grown to appreciate the need for protecting intellectual property rights against infringement.  This recognition has become a strategic advantage for businesses around the world.  Whether a global enterprise or an individual entrepreneur with an innovative idea, protecting and making productive use of intellectual property is an integral component of long term business growth and success.  Companies appreciate now more than ever that patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets are among their most valuable assets.  Due to the substantial investment in product development and growth of intellectual property assets, companies face greater threats of infringement necessitating the need for management strategies designed for maximum protection.

Delany Law offers advice on the acquisition, protection, exploitation and enforcement of intellectual property rights.  Clients require intellectual property strategies that provide protection and litigation avoidance.  However, there are instances where litigation is unavoidable and clients can draw on the depth of the firm’s litigation capabilities to enforce their intellectual property rights against infringement from the imposition of injunctive relief to the recovery of monetary damages. In an age where counterfeiting and piracy is a rampant global issue for numerous industries around the world, it is imperative for clients to make every effort to protect their intellectual property. 

Labour and Employment

Delany & Associates

Delany Law understand the impact that labour and employment issues can have in completing a transaction or on a client’s existing business.  Our attorneys possess the broad based experience throughout the Commonwealth Caribbean to assist clients in the wide range of work place issues acting as advisors in analysing options, making informed decisions and taking effective action.  The complexity of today’s labour and employment climate demands that clients build a relationship with one legal team that is able to guide them through this environment and enable clients to make informed decisions that can provide efficiency.  It is our belief that working proactively assists clients in avoiding potential liability for employment related claims.

Our attorneys provide sophisticated counselling in the full range of labour and employment matters representing a broad array of clients including banks, construction companies, financial institutions, resorts and other types of service firms.  We advise on compliance with the ever expanding body of domestic and international laws.  We have navigated many clients through these issues in various types of mergers, acquisitions and restructures. 

Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Delany & Associates

A client cannot expect to achieve their objectives in a dispute whether measured in terms of a favourable settlement, a successful dispositive application, prevailing at trial or winning an appeal unless the attorneys are able to appropriately manage the matter.  A credible trial threat discourages frivolous litigation and unrealistic settlement demands.  Delany Law have the depth of experience, knowledge and resources to protect the interests of clients and navigate their conflicts whether conducting high stakes litigation, international arbitration, mediation, other settlement procedures or the enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitral awards.

Each of our clients has individual business goals that require different approaches.  Delany Law multi-disciplinary approach helps businesses avoid or resolve disputes efficiently and effectively by creating alternatives to litigation.  Otherwise, our litigators tailor strategic and cost effective approaches through careful case analysis of case issues and assessment of options at each stage of the litigation process.  We represent clients in both domestic and international arbitration proceedings that are complemented by our ability to develop cross-border litigation strategies.  We also counsel clients on the crafting of effective dispute resolution clauses to suit the specific circumstances of their business endeavors.



The firm is equipped to coordinate and cooperate in multi-jurisdictional matters given the broad range of issues that arise in this industry.  Our attorneys comprehend the significance of the global needs and strategies of our maritime clients. With coverage throughout the Caribbean, the firm has placed itself in a position to effectively support and advance the needs of our diverse client base.

Our maritime practice involves the representation of cruise line operators, ship owners, insurers, charterers, manufacturers and other maritime related parties in the areas of contracts, casualty, pollution and salvage, energy, finance, and any related litigation.  We are available to assist foreign counsel in matters pending abroad.  Delany Law is also able to respond on site to any regional maritime incident to investigate and advise on cargo damage and loss, vessel damage and loss, environmental damage and injury or death related occurrences.

Real Estate and Property Development

Real Estate

Delany Law provides clients with multi-disciplined legal solutions for their real estate and property development needs.  Our client base comprises a broad range of property developers, private owners, investors, lenders and real estate investment funds.  We counsel our clients on a variety of matters involving diverse forms of commercial, industrial, recreational and residential real estate transactions and litigation.  Whether real estate is a client’s business, a part of their investment portfolio or an asset to be managed, Delany Law is there to advise, guide and protect that interest.  

We are adept at advising clients so they are prepared to properly evaluate business opportunities versus risks.  From our work in the hospitality, resort and construction industries to the commercial, industrial multi-use and residential transactions, our lawyers have a wide range of experience in secured lending for financial institutions as well as various types of loans and financing including mortgage loans, construction loan facilities and securitized financing.  We advise on commercial, industrial and retail lending matters for both landlords and tenants and are experienced in the drafting and negotiation of most types of leases.  Our activities also include land development, sub-division and community development matters concerning various condominium project, resort infrastructure developments, planned unit developments and mixed use projects.

Trade & Commerce

Delany & Associates

The practice of international trade and commerce law requires a sound knowledge of domestic law to international trade, and treaty based international law governing trade flows.  Delany Law attorneys are well versed in the domestic law including export controls, import relief actions, customs classifications, valuations and rules of origin matters.  From an international standpoint, we advise on such matters as the World Trade Organization rules, the Caribbean Basin Initiative, the CARICOM Treaty and bi-lateral investment treaties.

Our attorneys counsel clients to ensure that they comprehend, utilize and benefit from both the domestic and international rules that facilitate the global flows of capital, goods, investment, services and technology.  We assist clients with market access and resolve disputes that may arise under World Trade Organization agreements or other trade related treaties.  Delany Law represent companies, institutions, and associations in virtually all aspects of international trade matters.  We are well versed in dealing with various regulatory agencies that oversee international trade throughout the region and advise clients in matters related to customs, trade policy, anti-corruption and anti-money laundering issues and trade disputes.

Trusts and Foundations

Trusts and Foundations

Trusts and Foundations each have particular characteristics that offer flexibility in meeting the challenges of estate planning, asset management and wealth management for both private and corporate purposes.  Though a Foundation has its own separate and distinct legal personality whereas a Trust operates under the legal personality of its trustee, both provide for certain advantages in regards to control, protection and taxation.

The Delany Law team works with its clients to evaluate their unique situations and assist them in maximizing their objectives and minimize risks.  The availability of Trusts and Foundations cater to both civil law and common law jurisdictions.  Several jurisdictions within the Caribbean Community offer both Trusts and Foundations.   We represent high net worth individuals and families, tax exempt organizations, banks, trust companies, family offices, private trust companies and other clients in a broad range of areas.

The firm’s Trusts and Foundations practice focuses on Barbados and its offering of Domestic Trusts, International Trusts and Offshore Trust as well as the recently introduced Foundations and Private Trust Company legislation.  Delany Law attorneys are also frequently called upon to advise on matters involving Trusts and Foundations throughout the Eastern Caribbean.